“I think an app could help me to:

  • increase sales (reduce purchase friction, or increase impulse purchases),
  • increase customer loyalty,
  • gain new customers,
  • access new markets,
  • gain a competitive advantage, or
  • some other goal?

but I don’t have the technical skills to create one.”

Increase Sales

An app always with you, with details already added from a previous purchase, can lead to impulse purchases from existing customers.

Increase Customer Loyalty

From loyalty cards (10th coffee free) with a notification when you’re nearby, to re-ordering your favourite pizza at the push of a button (order sent, payment confirmed, delivery in 45 minutes), to simply being on your customer’s phone, always at the ready, an app can help turn occasional customers into regulars.

Gain an Advantage

A banking app is a good example. Making services like paying bills and transferring money always available and easy to use gives an advantage over competitors that don’t.