Augmented Reality: EasyJet Using AR to Check Carry On Luggage For Size

European budget airline EasyJet are using Augmented Reality (AR) in their app to allow customers to easily determine if their carry-on luggage is a suitable size.

What Did EasyJet Do?

EasyJet used Apple’s ARKit in their iOS app to display a bounding box of the maximum carry on luggage size, and to detect an item of luggage, and work out when the luggage is in the box. This allows the customer to determine whether their carry on luggage is of the correct size, or not.

Checking the size of luggage

What Value Do They Get?

EasyJet don’t receive a direct financial benefit from doing this. Instead the benefit comes from a simpler customer experience, helping make self check-in streamlined as possible. This gives a potential advantage over competitors with even a slightly more complex self check-in procedure, possibly requiring extra staff present to check carry on luggage sizes.